Case Studies.

We understand the need for customer confidentiality and provide a discreet service for our clients.

Here is a small yet varied overview of projects that we can show to you.

Wireless message distribution system.

System is designed to pair with handheld devices over bluetooth and WIFI. Device is cabable of connecting up to 255 devices whilst promoting offers, information and advertisments.

Agricultural automation.

Process control and measurement device for automated hydroponic nutrient and chemical distribution. System also features full automation of simulated environmental factors including temperature, fans, lights & co2 pumps.

Reverse engineering of CANBUS data.

Reverse engineering of various OEM’s vehicle models CANBUS data and compiling to database. The compiled information is used in multiple aftermarket control and veicle simulation applications.

Power steering diagnostic equipment.

Power steering test stand for automotive remanufacturing company. Product incorporates vehicle CANBUS data and allows for test and verification purpose of various power strering units within the automotive aftermarket.


High specification data acquisition & control interface for aftermarket powertrain process control & diagnostics. Development of unique software controlled solenoid linearisation technology. System is designed to continously monitor up to 24 analogue inputs simultaniously at 1024 HZ whilst driving up to 18 duty cycle controlled outputs at 0.1 % accuracy. System also features 5 x PID’s and high speed CANBUS Processor.

Android App & Wireless door locking mechanism.

Security system was designed using Z-Wave stack and an industrial strenght solenoid locking mechanism. Lock could be opened / closed by smart phone application with authorised credentials.

Fork Lift Truck BUS Modification chip.

CANBUS modification chip for fork lift truck manufacturer. Device is fitted to correct a problem with the original OEM bus data.

NMEA2000 GPS data.

Device data logs and stores GPS data in real time to an encrypted solid state storage device.

Back EMF filter.

230v AC Back EMF protection device for sound and lighting stage production company.

Software controlled hydraulic system.

Software automation with data acquisition and control of hydraulic pump, flow, pressure temperature and relays. Hydraulic control system software application has manual operation and automatic user modes.